Wood Siding Interior Decoration

Here you can read inspiration stories of using wood in interior decoration.

Sand and harmony

August 20, 2014

Sand and harmony The Sahindal family’s two-storey house is decorated with light-coloured surfaces combined beautifully with natural tones. The harmony of white, grey and black shades is enlivened by colour […]

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Modern, pearly grey “smoke” sauna

Even a sauna and bathroom can be adventurously decorated. Surface stains and waxes intended for sauna use ensure that wood will withstand the heat and humidity of the space. Wood […]

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Villa Leija will stand the test of time

Natural beauty of wood

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In the footsteps of Villa Mairea

August 18, 2014

Villa Muurame was the largest house exhibited at the Jyväskylä Housing Fair in 2014. The three-storey building was inspired by Villa Mairea, which was built in Noormarkku in the 1930s […]

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Skammi house

This house designed by the Skammi architectural firm is striking in its uniqueness and natural feel. The natural-toned wooden interior walls and strong Marimekko prints are as Finnish as can […]

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Healthy home for an allergic family

Honka Harmony is a home designed for inhabitants who suffer from allergies. The mother’s asthma and the children’s allergies forced this family to build a house with healthy and safe […]

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Wood is full of life!

July 30, 2014

Read all about a house in Jyväskylä built for people and for living. When Pilvi Jylhä and her husband started planning their house-building project, their objective was to turn their […]

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Wood in the island town

  A delightful wooden house designed for the Saaristokaupunki (“Town of Islands”) district of Kuopio elegantly brings wood in from the outside. The objective of the interior design was to […]

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Child-proof home

  How do you create a home that withstands the wear and tear of family life? In this home, durable surfaces were created out of solid, fine-sawn timber. Small children […]

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