The World’s Finest Wood Comes From Finland


Finland is one of the world’s top timber exporters and renowned for its high quality, thanks to Scandinavia’s cold winters and short growing season. These attributes promote a slow growth cycle which produces wood that is extremely durable.

That’s why with Nordic white wood treated with Siparila Topcoat® will create a long-lasting wood siding that will protect and preserve the beauty of your home for years to come.

Nordic White Wood


Finland has 23 million hectares of forested land, of which 22.1 million hectares is Eurasian boreal forest. Our forests are well managed and the federal government has a strict conservation policy because nature is an important part of our culture.

Finland has a long history of processing wood for construction, architecture, furniture, and design. That’s why wood siding is the most popular choice for residential and commercial buildings in our country.

Nordic whitewood grows in nutrient-rich soil and Scandinavia’s Nordic climate promotes a slow growth, resulting in tight rings and a straight grain. The tight and straight grain gives the whitewood superior strength. Although the wood is lightweight, it’s durability is undeniable.

Siparila only uses the top portion of the tree for its wood siding which has healthy knots and the straightest, tightest grain. The lumber is visually graded at the mill before moving on to production.

More than 60 per cent of Finland’s commercial forests are held by non-industrial private forestry companies and all have the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) which ensures ethical harvesting.

Siparila’s Surface Treatment Ensures the Highest Quality


ParkanoSiparila’s wood processing expertise is combined with our revolutionary Topcoat® paint technology in a climate-controlled facility. Moisture, temperature, and paint application is monitored at all times so the result is always a top-class finish that will withstand even the harshest conditions – so it’s perfect for Canadian homes!

The Siparila Topcoat ® ensures there is no need for painting on the construction site, other than touching up the nail heads and the ends of cut panels.

The siding is profiled and primer is applied on all sides immediately after milling because this is when the pores of the wood are open the widest. This allows the primer to seep deep in the wood siding which ensures maximum durability and protection against termites and water damage.

vastuullisuus_fiAfter the primer is applied, the wood siding is immediately put through a series of air and IR (infrared) treatment. The first coat of paint is then applied using a high-pressure spray, then the siding goes through two forced air (low volume and high volume) stages and a final IR stage, before heading off to the settling stage for at least 24 hours. The setting allows the wood time to cool and for the paint to harden. After the rest period, the wood is brought back to the paint line for the final application of topcoat paint (paint and dryer).

The paint is applied at a set amount to provide protection while simultaneously allowing the wood to breathe. Too little paint does not properly protect and too much paint will suffocate the wood. As a result, Siparila is able to offer an extremely durable and beautiful top-coated wood siding to use on your home.

*Our 100 per cent acrylic primer and paint surface wood siding can be repainted with acrylic/latex.


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