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Rabbeted Bevel

Topcoat® is ready-to use siding which doesn’t require any on-site painting and has no visible signs of nails on final surface. Topcoa has been protected against blue staining, mould growth and harmfull effects of UV-radiation.  Resistance for weathering is improved by secret nailing.  Panel with UTL profile has interleaved edge.

  • MaterialNordic whitewood
  • Surface qualityFine sawn
  • Thickness1"
  • Width6"
  • Length13' (3,9 m)
  • Conversion factor2.63
  • Material waste5-10 %
  • TreatmentReady painted
  • Exposed surface4 9/16”
  • Actual dimensions(20x133mm)
  • OrientationHorizontal
Topcoat UTL wood siding piece
Valmis pinta
Secret fastening