Karisto Service Centre, Finland | Beautiful use of Wood Siding

Carefree siding – no visible fasteners

The Karisto Service Centre, designed by Tilatakomo architects’ office, is a masterpiece in wooden architecture. Natural colours and the use of varied panel widths contribute to its elegance.

The Karisto Service Centre in Lahti was built in two stages: the first was completed in 2010 and the second in late 2012. Right down to the finely crafted, curved soffits, all of the wooden surfaces were made from Finnish wood by skilled Finnish carpenters. The siding was supplied and installed by Siparila.

The façade was clad in straight-edged UTS panels with a thickness of 28 mm and a width of 108 mm. The chosen colours were Tikkurila 345D (brown), 3140 (grey) and 5059 (red). The siding product was ready-made Topcoat panelling.

Topcoat siding has a concealed mounting system, which improves the weather-proofing of the façade. There are no visible nailheads, which means that water and impurities cannot get into and damage the wood. Topcoat siding is ready painted which make it also carefree siding.

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