Service Centre for Topcoat – Wood Siding

Service Centre with Topcoat- siding

The elegant style of architects Lehtinen and Miettunen can be seen through their durable surfaces. The Rauma Service Centre combines style and durability. Light-coloured wooden surfaces combined with grey sheet panels around the windows create an elegant yet cosy effect. Siparila Topcoat®  genuine wood siding was chosen as the cladding in order to make the building liveable as quickly as possible.

The underlying of the building structures are made from CLT, i.e. cross-laminated timber construction modules. The modules for the building were pre-fabricated, however, horizontal siding cannot be pre-installed due to the seams that would be created. Therefore it was decided that Siparila would install the façade siding according to the architects’ plan on site, after the modular construction was completed. A seamless façade could be created using Topcoat® siding from Siparila.

In the construction project, Siparila was in charge of the entire façade, including not only the siding but also the flashing and other elements. Grey and red building boards were used for effect among the Topcoat panels painted in Tikkurila’s traditional shade of 1333C. The exterior cladding was 23 mm thick and 145 wide.


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