Carefree façades – Topcoat siding

 Nail free siding – Carefree façades – Topcoat  siding

Villa Muurame was the largest and tallest single-family house shown at the Jyväskylä Housing Fair in 2014. The house itself is three storeys high and over 300 square meters in size.The building was created using modular units applied in a novel way for architectural construction. The house was prefabricated in “slices” of three metres in width and nine metres in length.

The Villa Muurame façades are solid wood. Due to the height of the house, the chosen siding was the Topcoat® panel. Using Topcoat panel was the most efficient option as it is ready-made at the factory and are able to create unique surfaces based on customer requests.

Secret nailing and invisible joints during installation

Topcoat® siding profiles are designed to hide the signs of nails and end-matched to enable invisible joints during installation. This gives a flawless, nail free and beautiful wooden surface for your building. The siding comes with concealed mounting, which means that each panel’s nailheads are hidden beneath the next panel. This keeps the painted surface from being damaged by the weather conditions and helps it to last for years.

The profile of siding is called UTS which means that it is made up of ninety degree angles and straight edges. Placed vertically, the panel’s straight lines emphasise the height and solidity of the house

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