Genuine wood siding – Topcoat siding

 Efficient Group Building

When participating in group building Siparila make it a priority to have siding done as fast as possible. By using Topcoat siding, builders aren’t limited by weather conditions, meaning you can still build during the winter and therefore landscaping can begin as soon as the snow melts. This in effect means that the group building can be done more effeciently and can be provided for residents sooner.

Siparila was subcontracted for the job and assisted the builders in choosing the façade panels. The previous plans for using UTS siding were switched to UTW siding in order to ensure better weather-proofing. This was due to the fact that UTW allows for water to run-off as there is no gap between the supporting panel pieces. Placed horizontally, the right angles of the UTS panels may have led to water standing on the walls, which was eliminated by the angled corners of the UTW. All panels and accessories were supplied to the construction site with a pre-painted finish.

siparila_ulkoverhouspaneeli_topcoat_utw23x145_laajavuoriThe exterior siding chosen for the site was Topcoat, whose concealed mounting system means there are no nailheads. The tongue-and-groove joins make the lines flow smoothly. The Topcoat façade brings cost savings for the builder, as scaffolding only needs to be put up once (for installation). Along with this, windowsills and windows do not need to be covered for painting.


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