Siparila Topcoat® Wood Siding: Quebec City’s #1 Choice

Siparila has the finest wood siding in Quebec

Siparila Topcoat® is here! Our wood from the Finnish boreal forests is of the highest of quality. The harsh Scandinavian winter has made the durability of our wood unlike anything available on the market and is sure to protect your home from whatever Mother Nature throws at it — all year long.

  • Durability, strength and resilience
  • Protection against extreme weather
  • Easy installation
  • Classic appearance

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Why choose Siparila for Your Wood Siding

Siparila Topcoat® is high quality wood siding renowned for its durability, flexibility and timeless beauty. Designed to hide visible fasteners, Siparila Topcoat® siding has a clean and modern finish and shipped as a ready-to-install product. We know our siding will instantly enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Find Siparila wood siding at your local home improvement store to take advantage of:

  • Thick profiles for increased durability
  • Single, long length siding for easy installation
  • End-matched profiles for a clean finish
  • No visible fasteners
  • 70-year warranty for deterioration
  • 15-year warranty for peeling, blistering and cracking

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Why use Wood Siding in Quebec City

Description: Wood has stood the test of time and a favourite among Canadian homeowners. Don’t be fooled by imitators, alternative siding materials often mimics wood in appearance and texture, but will never offer the same protection of the real deal.

Feature 1: Finland is home to some of the world’s healthiest forests because of its cold winter climate and short growing season. These attributes promote a slow growth rate that makes Finland’s wood a top-grade building material—tough, dense and straight-grained.

Feature 2: The Finnish climate ensures that our wood is strong and durable against even the most severe weather.

Feature 3: Siparila combines premium raw materials with coating for longevity, strength and aestheticism.

Nordic White Wood forest at sunset

Topcoat® Siding

With all visible surfaces coated, Siparila Topcoat® is a high quality wooden exterior siding that stays strong and beautiful. Siparila Topcoat®   wood siding ships ready to use and does not require further treatments once on the construction site, making it suited for both new construction and renovations. Siparila Topcoat ® siding profiles are designed to hide visible fasteners and are end-matched to give a clean modern finish. The result is a beautiful, flawless, nail-free finish. Siparila Topcoat® sidings are available in several profiles and a rich variety of colors.

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About SIPARILA – Wood For Living

Siparila Oy is a prudent and professional wood supplier from Northern Europe that specialises in quality building materials. Inspired by the potential of the natural materials around us, we are constantly developing new ways to beautifully integrate wooden products in interior and exterior design. We know that wood is an excellent material for creating vivid surfaces and individual solutions.

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