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Contractors Love Siparila’s Prefinished Wood Siding

At Siparila, we take great pride in being able to deliver a product that contractors love to work with and that home owners love the look of. Our prefinished wood siding continues to impress contractors as it consistently helps them get the job done quickly and with exceptional results. As a contractor, if you aren’t yet familiar with Siparila wood siding, we’re happy to share more details on what makes our products so unique.

To start, Siparila knows that contractors have tough jobs. With very busy schedules managing multiple projects at a time, and tight deadlines to meet, it’s no wonder that contractors gravitate towards options that support their productivity and success. Siparila prefinished wood siding is skillfully designed so that it’s easy to use and install, which limits the opportunity for surprises that cause unwanted delays.

What Makes Siparila Wood Siding Stand Out?

When it comes to our prefinished wood siding, it isn’t just one factor that contractors love. The combination of the various benefits derived from working with Siparila’s wood siding help set our products apart from the rest.

Some of the top reasons contractors appreciate prefinished wood siding include:

  • The end-matched panels and tongue and groove paneling that make siding installation easy since the pieces simply click into place.
  • Fixed length of the panel offers reduction in labour hours as there is no time spent measuring and cutting. This feature also eliminates waste and human error.
  • Siparila prefinished wood siding planks are delivered painted on all sides and ready-to-install.
  • The hidden nail heads on each plank prevent water damage and produce a streamlined appearance.
  • Our products come in a variety of colours, offering options to suit every space and to enhance curb appeal.
  • Siparila offers a warranty commitment that includes a 70 year siding warranty against decay and a 15 year paint warranty against cracking, peeling or blistering.
  • Our wood siding is durable and sustainable, being produced using responsible forestry practices.

It’s also important to note that Siparila offers prefinished wood siding that works in more than just one area of a home or commercial space. In addition to exterior house siding, we also offer stylish wood siding for interior use as well as siding for wet and humid areas. Contractors should know that whether their clients prefers a rustic, contemporary, or elegant style, there is a Siparila product that will suit their needs.

Work With Siparila On Your Next Project

Siding installation can be made easier when you choose to work with Siparila prefinished wood siding. Whether your clients are replacing their house siding or are looking to enhance their interior decor, we know that our products will help you deliver a high-quality finish. Reducing overall labour hours as well as errors that can occur when installing siding will certainly make your job as a contractor easier, and it will also make for happier clients. For more information on Siparila wood siding, find a local distributor or contact us.

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