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Corner TrimsUniversal corner

Siparila Topcoat® corner pieces ensure long-term durability of the wood siding, with several solutions available for finishing the exterior and interior corners of the home. Regardless of the solution you choose, we recommend that your corner trims are fastened using round head, hot-dipped galvanized nails that have a minimum length of 2½ inches. Also, the nail head must not dig into the wood, but sit flush on the surface to ensure protection against water damage.

Universal Corners

Siparila universal corners are 2 x 3 ½ inches and can be used for both exterior and interior corners. The universal corner trim must be installed before the wood siding, with the nail heads painted over.

Corner Boards


Siparila Topcoat® boards let you add the finishing touches to your siding and will last for decades. Our corner boards are available in various sizes and are necessary to preserve the durability of your wood siding installation.

When you install siding next to the corner trim, cut off the end-joint and paint over the bare wood with touch-up paint.

For exterior and interior corners, it’s advised that you use four-inch, five-inch and six-inch trims. All corner trim boards should be installed before the wood siding and must be nailed to the furring strip. Remember, nail heads must be painted over with Siparila Topcoat® touch-up paint.


Beginning Siparila Topcoat® Starter Trim Installation

The vertical siding installation is done by connecting the tongue and groove siding one by one. The starting hook makes it easy to quickly finish your renovation because each start-up hook is fixed to the fastening board; the groove of the first panel is set on the hook and the tongue is then nailed using two nails to the fastening board. This way the surface of the first panel is not pierced so you are left with a seamless finish.




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