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Discover Siparila’s Evolute 8 Exterior Siding

Siparila’s Evolute 8 exterior siding can be counted on to provide commercial and residential clients with strength, durability, and style. While there are many reasons why this type of exterior siding continues to grow in popularity, clients appreciate the number of beautiful and natural siding colour options. Evolute 8 exterior siding is available in a range of siding colours in natural tones that help create outstanding exterior aesthetics. Trim board and universal corner accessories are also available (note that these are available only in primed white).

In addition to the colour options, Evolute 8 exterior siding also stands out when it comes to durability.      Made from naturally tough and dense Scandinavian wood, Evolute 8 performs extremely well in a range of climates.

  • Siparila Topcoat Evolute 8 siding is unaffected by strong UV radiation that can occur at high altitudes.
  • Salt air, high humidity, and high winds are also elements that have little to no effect on this durable siding, thanks to thicker profiles with hidden fastening strips.
  • Evolute 8 exterior siding won’t become brittle in cold weather and can withstand below-zero temperatures without cracking.

Siparila’s Evolute 8 Delivers A Flawless Finish

We’ve shared some of the unique factors that make this exterior siding a smart choice, but let’s take a closer look at what other features Evolute 8 also delivers and how they translate into providing a flawless finish worth noting.

  • The exterior siding panels are designed to hide visible fasteners and are end-matched. This is a key component in how Evolute 8 produces a flawless, clean, and modern nail-free finish.
  • The siding is shipped ready to install and does not require further treatment, which makes it the ideal material for both new construction and renovation projects.
  • All visible surfaces are topcoat wood, which makes the siding stay strong and while still looking beautiful.

The locking profiles on each panel help provide protection against water, while also eliminating surface nail marks.

Those looking for an exceptionally durable product, should also know that Siparila’s Evolute 8 exterior siding features a warranty against decay, peeling, blistering, and cracking due to normal weathering.

Make The Right Choice For Your Exterior Siding

If you need exterior siding, take the time to explore all your options. Consumers are no longer limited in both material and siding colour choice. If you are looking for a durable, high-quality siding, trim board, and accessories, Evolute 8 Siparila siding can deliver the look and style you want for your home or building. To find out more about our products or and find a distributor of Siparila exterior siding, contact us.

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