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Siparila Topcoat® Evolute 8

Evolute 8 has natural tones with extreme durability. With all visible surfaces coated, Siparila Topcoat® Evolute 8 is a high-quality wood siding that has long-term durability to preserve its beautiful finish. Our wood siding is shipped ready to install and does not require further treatment, which makes it the ideal material for both new construction and renovation. Siparila Topcoat® wood siding profiles are also designed to hide visible fasteners and are end-matched. The result is a flawless, nail-free finish.
No further treatment on the site

High-quality surface treatment

Siparila Topcoat® wood siding ships ready to install and does not require further treatment once on the work site. Siparila Topcoat® siding profiles have hidden fastening strips and are end-matched to create a clean and modern finish, resulting in a beautiful, flawless appearance. The locking profiles not only manage water and provide protection for your building, but also eliminate surface nail marks. Thicker profiles with hidden fastening strips make Siparila Topcoat® siding durable against harsh weather conditions and from outdoor elements, such as high winds. Siparila Topcoat® siding’s durability also benefits from the naturally tough, dense, and straight-grained qualities of the Scandinavian wood is made from.

Natural siding colours

Siparila Topcoat® wood siding comes in an array of beautiful water-based paint colours. Our Evolute 8 exterior siding is available in natural tones that will accentuate the structure of your home or business. The wide selection of colours offered in our Evolute 8 wood siding range means that there’s a hue to complement every style and aesthetic. Our exterior siding colours are also resistant to peeling, chipping, and fading, so you can enjoy a long-lasting finish. Evolute 8’s siding colours are uniquely designed to highlight the wood’s natural grain for a more beautiful appearance. As Siparila Topcoat® wood siding ships painted on all sides, you can install your new siding without worrying about painting or staining on the jobsite.

Siparila topcoat wood siding has secret nailing profiles

Evolute8 Burned Caramel
Evolute8 Smokey Black
Evolute8 Roasted Wheat
Evolute8 Ocean Grey
Evolute8 Dark Rum
Evolute8 Dark Chocolate
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Prefinished wood siding that’s ready to install

When you choose Siparila exterior siding products, you’re guaranteed an easy, hassle-free installation. Siparila Topcoat® exterior siding is professionally designed for the most efficient installation possible. Our prefinished wood siding ships pre-painted and in fixed lengths to make installation easier and less wasteful. Because Siparila Topcoat® siding is shipped painted on all sides, you can enjoy a more seamless, beautiful finish. And our prefinished wood siding’s fixed lengths means that you don’t need to worry about sorting out lengths and design joints. This makes designing your façade and joints easier, as you can quickly calculate the amount you need. What’s more, Siparila Topcoat® is expertly designed with innovative end-matched panels and tongue and groove, so each piece simply clicks into place.

Ready to experience the beautiful colours and durable finish of our Evolute 8 prefinished wood siding?
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