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Agélisas Lepage

Ville Labaie, Saguenay
Architect Alain Voyer

Used products:

Rabbeted Bevel UTL

Siparila wood siding to help complete a historical housing project in Ville Labaie in Saguenay. The house is called ‘Agélisas Lepage’ and is listed historical monument by the city. The home was once used as a retail space, but was purchased by a new owner with the intent of remodeling the building to transform it into a larger, beautiful living space.

The new owner undertook the remodelling process in 2017 and chose Siparila exterior siding for the façade, at the recommendation of architect Alain Voyer, from the firm Planitech. The owner selected Siparila Topcoat® siding, Rabbeted Bevel UTL, in a solid white colour. The new Siparila wood siding complements the home’s historical nature while enhancing its classic, timeless appeal. Thanks to Siparila siding’s strength, durability, and long-lasting finish, the homeowner can enjoy their new exterior siding and its added curb appeal for years to come.

Siparila Topcoat is made from a sustainable raw material that is harvested only from PEFC certified forests. PEFC system ensures that harvesting doesn’t harm the environment or disrupt its diversity. Siparila also uses Nordic white wood grown in Finland. Finland’s cold winter climate and short growing season promote a slow forest growth-rate that makes its wood a top-grade building material.

The project’s lead time was shortened because of the fixed length and end-matched profiles of Siparila’s exterior siding. The longer fixed lengths helped to plan the place of the joints beforehand, and the installers did not have to contend with random or short lengths at the work site. The end-matched panels allowed for flexible joint placement, and not being bound to stud placement during installation ultimately decreased the material loss 5-10%. End-matched profiles also increase the siding’s durability, as each piece is painted on all sides which, when tightly fastened to another, creates an invisible seam that will not interrupt the desired pattern of your design.

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