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Haltia, Finnish Nature Center

YIT Helsinki
Lahdelma & Mahlamaki

Used Products:

Topcoat®-siding UTS 28 x 108 mm

Haltia is a new type of visitor centre, bringing all of Finland’s nature under one roof and closer to the visitor through both the building’s facilities and its stunning exhibitions. The Haltia building was designed by the architect Rainer Mahlamäki, who was inspired by the tales of Kalevala, the Finnish national epic. The design enables man and nature to come together peacefully and harmoniously.

The centre signals a new era in wood building, for it is the first public building in Finland built entirely of CLT wood elements. The environment has been considered in Haltia’s facilities and activities through their skillful design and the use of the latest ecological solutions. Siparila Topcoat was chosen for Haltia’s facade because of its sustainability, durability, and aesthetics. Also, its cost-effectiveness played a big role when building such a massive construction. The secret fastening, end-matching, and fixed lengths of the cladding created savings and quickened the process. Among other features, the building is heated and cooled with energy derived from the Sun and the Earth.


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