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Jetta House

Pori, Finland
Sirkka-Liisa Hietaniemi

Used products:

VIRE-interior panel
KOO-interior panel
KOO2-interior panel
KOO4-interior panel

Wood has been used boldly to create a variety of moods in a project designed by Sirkka-Liisa Hietaniemi. In the dinning-area the white space is split by grey effect wall. The flat surface is enlivened elegantly with thick, solid woods that bring three-dimensionality to otherwise flat surfaces. The same idea continues with the bedroom’s headboard, with the courage to combine all three different shapes of the KOO panel. The translucent black surface gives the Finnish birch pattern to come through on the surface of the panels. The utility room demonstrate a good combination of a natural wood suitability with a grey tile. Big, minimalistic tile combined with a three-dimensional VIRE- panels create a stylish space.

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