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Joensuu Elli Campus Area

Joensuu Finland
Arcadia Architects

Used products:

Topcoat Channel UTW siding, 220 mm & 126 mm.

Joensuu Elli in Finland consists of 100 apartments and was built in 2013 in the campus area, using mainly wood. Construction started in summer 2012 and the first students moved to their new flats in summer 2013.

Joensuu Elli is one of the biggest multi-story areas built with wood in Finland. These passive energy buildings are made using the CLT (cross-laminated timber) technique and covered with ready-made Siparila Topcoat siding.  The combination of the CLT-structures and Siparila Topcoat siding can create seamless facades. In comparison, when using house elements, the seams of the blocks will stay visible.

Joensuu Elli was designed by Arcadia Architects. They designed the facade to consist of two different widths of Topcoat Channel UTW siding: 220 mm and 126 mm. Because of the scope of the project, the durability of the siding has a major role. The durability is secured by the thickness of the siding, which is 1 21/32” (42 mm), secret fastening, tight end-matched seams, and high-quality surfacing.



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