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Karisto School Center

Lahti Finland
Tilatakomo Architects Oy

The idea was to build the new Karisto School in wood to reinforce the identity of this area of wooden houses and strengthen the local community spirit. The loadbearing structure is in laminated timber, but concrete has been used for stiffening and for the underground shelter. The external walls are constructed of six-metre wide timber elements and covered with Siparila Topcoat cladding. The floor and roof structures are also in timber. The elevations are in 108 mm horizontal and vertical boarding with a natural finish. The curved parts of the canopy are mainly in 25 mm x 75 mm boarding, while the steeper curves are cladding a combination of plywood and narrow wooden battens. The construction was sped-up by the use of the timber element system. However, the end result has the feeling of a hand-built school because of the Siparila Topcoat cladding which was installed on the site.


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