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Kyronmaa Senior Home

Tervajoki, Finland
Architect Sakari Miettunen

Used products:

Topcoat Channel UTV

Siparila’s fire-retardant Topcoat siding cover the façade of the Kyronmaa Senior Home. Siparila has been awarded a first place in Finland’s CE mark fire rating B-s1, d0 for exterior panels. This CE marking highlights the quality of the product and safety of the materials used in our Topcoat siding. The Kyronmaa Senior Home, designed by architect Sakari Miettunen, was built using Siparila’s CLT element solution with the siding being installed over the raw elements on the construction site. This is how a uniform façade is created that hides joints made between materials during construction.  The façade is enlivened by green plate surfaces. The profile of the exterior is our UTV profile with 23 mm thickness and 145 mm width.

Pre-finished wood siding
Siparila wood siding is made of nordic white wood
pre-finished wood siding in senior home facade
fire-retardant siding in senior home
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