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Library in Vesilahti

Vesilahti, finland
Architects Maarit & Aarni Holttinen

Used products:

Topcoat Channel UTW

A new wooden library was opened on 29.5.2018 in Tampere Vesilahti municipality, which is to become a common living room for residents. The main theme of the design was to create for the building a solid look of wood with the use of glass surfaces to bring light and liveliness. The facade was paneled with pre-painted Topcoat panel, 28 mm thick and 220 mm wide. The exterior panels are surface treated with the translucent Poro shade. The surroundings of the library is very traditional Finnish wood buildings. Library’s modern shape is welcoming and vivid that brings new look to the center but is a natural part of the center at the same time. The library is a open space with no closed rooms, only walls of glass divides the spaces from each other. The library has been designed to enable many functionalities like watching videos and having a art exhibitions.

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