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PEFC certified multi-story building

Seinajoki, Finland

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Topcoat Channel UTV

Maiha is a 5-storey solid wood multi-storey built by Lakea Oy in Seinajoki where the tree is spectacularly presented inside and outside. Mäihä is built with Stora Enso’s CLT- space elemental solution and upholstered by Siparila’s TOPCOAT® exterior siding.

Solid wood multi-storey Maiha is the first PEFC-certified house in the Nordic countries. The certificate guarantees that the wood used in the project comes from sustainably managed forests. At the same time, it guarantees the entire supply chain and its operators have responsibility in their business. The apartment building combines innovative and respectful of traditions wooden constructions that are present in the open air, stairwells and apartments as well.

The façade of the Maiha gets its shade from the dark bark, and it is a spectacular sight on Seinajoki Pruukinranta.


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