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Jyvaskyla Finland
Anssi Lassila OOPEAA

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Puukuokka is the first eight-story high wooden apartment building in Finland designed by Anssi Lanssila OOPEAA. The goal was to find a solution to utilize the technical and aesthetic qualities of CLT and to create a large-scale wooden building with a distinct architectonic expression of its own. The building combines the sense of privacy of a single-family dwelling with the semi-public character of the shared spaces of an apartment building. The design provides the residents with a functional space rich in experiential qualities. Puukuokka also pilots an innovative lease-to-own financing strategy that aims to support social sustainability.

The entire load bearing structure and frame is made of prefabricated volumetric CLT modules. The wooden facade elements are prefabricated and assembled on-site. Spruce, painted black, has been used in the facades facing the street and untreated larch in the courtyard side. Both facades are covered with Siparila Topcoat cladding. In the interior, the wooden CLT structure has been left exposed in the ceilings and floors and in the staircases of the hallways. The walls are covered with gypsum board to fulfill the fire regulations. Because of the fire regulations, the panels of the first store are also fire-retardant.

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