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Seminaarimäki, Campus Area

Verstas Architects Oy

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Evolute 8

The Central Finland Student Housing Foundation (KOAS) has invested in environmentally friendly housing in Seminaarinmäki, Jyväskylä, Finland. Because Seminaarinmäki is a traditional area with wooden buildings, the local plan required wooden facades for apartment buildings. The architecture was created by Verstas Arkkitehdit Oy specifying the wood as the main facade material and the frame structures. The four-storey apartment buildings were built using CLT modules.  The apartments and staircases were created with approximately 4-metre-wide modules around the central corridor and the corridor floors were supported using the modules. The timber apartment buildings in Seminaarinmäki offer a total of 103 homes, both studios and two-room apartments, with their sizes ranging from 26 square metres to 54 square metres. There are also almost 300 square metres of shared facilities. In addition to the sauna, storage spaces and laundry room, there is a lounge to promote a sense of community. Natural wood is visible on the facades and in the staircases as well as on the apartment ceilings and floors.

Siparila exterior siding fire-retardant finishing
Siparila exterior siding fire-retardant finishing
Siparila-exterior siding fire retardant finishing
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