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Villa in the archipelago

Finnish Archipelago

Used products:

STRUCTURE-interior panel

In the Finnish archipelago the nature is untouchable. Rocks are combined with wood and surrounding by sea. When designing the decoration of this villa, designers wanted to invite the nature inside the house both in colors and in shapes. The goal was to build spacious and durable villa with clear lines. Inner spaces should be seamless continuum for the surrounding nature which can be seen from the big and wide windows of the villa. This is why the wooden panels were the only option for the walls and ceilings. In Structure-panel selection there was found a very natural sand tone which lets the wood grains to shine through. Also Structure-panel’s rough surface brings forward the integrity of the nature. Structure in 176 mm wide was chosen to be used in walls to calm down the space. To avoid the dullness the Structure in 85 mm wide was chosen to the ceiling paneling. Using the natural tones in paneling brings the warmth and comfort to the space. Black jambs and fire place give clear frames and add character to the inner spaces. The siding of the villa was made with larch which turns to grey when time passes by.

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