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Replacing Your Siding With Siparila Topcoat? Here’s What You Need To Know

Replacing your house siding is an important investment decision for any home. New siding can transform your home’s exterior, as well as improve comfort and energy efficiency. After you’ve selected your new siding, it’s time to prepare for your siding installation. Making sure that your new house siding is properly installed will help you get the most out of your investment.

In general, the best way to ensure that your home is ready for siding installation is to trim any trees near the walls where the new siding will be installed. This will prevent anything from impeding the siding installation or scratching the siding as it gets put on to the house. Home owners will also need to remove any furniture, lawn ornaments, or garden hoses from the area, and make sure the power to any outdoor lights is off.

Why Choosing Siparila Topcoat Makes Siding Installation Even Easier

Selecting Siparila Topcoat prefinished wood siding to replace your old siding means that installation will be easy and efficient. Our Topcoat wood siding has end-matched panels and tongue and groove paneling that allow the pieces to simply click into place. In addition, because our prefinished wood siding planks are delivered painted and ready-to-install, it will take less time and manpower to complete the installation.

What does this mean for home owners? It means that your renovation project can be completed that much faster, so you can return to your normal schedule with minimal inconvenience. Home owners also have the ability to choose the look they want for their home. In addition to traditional siding installation, other popular options include shiplap siding and board and batten siding.

Choosing to install Siparila Topcoat prefinished wood siding means that you’ll receive our warranty protection, which includes a 70-year warranty against decay and a 15-year paint warranty against peeling, blistering, and cracking. Just another reason why replacing your siding with Siparila siding is the best decision for your project.

Find The Right Siparila Topcoat Prefinished Wood Siding For Your Home

House siding has come a long way. For home owners looking to add high-quality siding that will elevate the look of their home, Siparila Topcoat wood siding offers extensive options to suit everyone’s style. Our prefinished wood siding products can be ordered in a variety of long-lasting waterborne paint colours that are designed to complement your home. Each side of the plank is painted to create an invisible seam that highlights the wood’s pattern, showcasing the beauty of this natural product.

Our siding is a popular option for outside the home, but don’t forget that siding can also be used inside your home, too. Whether you want to create a rustic, contemporary, or elegant feel, we have a model that can help you achieve the look you want. Installing shiplap siding, board and batten siding, or traditional siding has never been easier than with our expertly designed siding products. When you’re ready to explore the siding options for your home, contact us. Our customer service team would be happy to help.

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