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Interior Wood Siding Creates New Possibilities To Enhance Your Décor

An easy way to spruce up the interior of your home is to use wood siding products indoors. Wood paneling has come a long way since the ubiquitous brown faux-wood of the 1970s! Let’s look at a few ways wood siding can be used to enhance your décor.

1) There are endless opportunities to pull design inspiration from nature into your home and there’s no better place to start than with your wall coverings. A white wood wall cladding can enhance the quality of natural light in your home and depending on the orientation of the wood grain when installing the cladding, can either add the illusion of height or depth to a room.

Interior Wood Siding

2) Natural textures and refined natural materials are taking the place of sleek metals and metallic finishes. People are starting to look for warmer materials for interior finishes to help bring cozy, quaint qualities to their homes. An interior accent wall clad in wood with a natural stain or neutral paint colour can create the feel of a cottage home.

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According the newest studies you can lower your blood pressure and stress level by using wood as a part of interior decoration.

3) With emphasis on sustainable materials climbing higher and higher on most people’s list of “must haves,” it might seem counter-intuitive to consider wood as a possible interior design aspect. However, with Siparila’s PEFC Certified wood siding products, and 100 million square feet of new forest growth in Finland each year (where Siparila sources their base materials) you can rest assured that these products are sourced using sustainable forestry practices.

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4) Anyone who has struggled with interior design decisions and materials might be familiar with the headaches of prepping walls for paint or wallpaper. Siparila’s wood siding products come fully prepared and ready for installation – no painting or staining required. Siparila’s interior siding profiles are also designed to hide visible fasteners and are end-matched. The result is a flawless, nail-free finish.

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If you’re ready to enliven your living space with natural wood textures and finishes, contact Siparila to learn more.

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