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VINHA – cladding with smooth surface

VINHA is topcoated cladding with smooth surface. Every piece of VINHA cladding is end-matched to allow for flexible joint placement and designed to enable secret fastening. VINHA-cladding is easy to paint after the installation because the topcoating of exterior panels consumes smaller amounts of paints. VINHA façades are ideal for cities because the dust is easy to wash away from the smooth surface of the cladding.
No visible signs of nails

Smooth façade

VINHA cladding has a beautiful smooth façade with no visible signs of nails. VINHA cladding tongue and groove design has been developed to enable invisible fastenings. The tongue and groove fastening side of each panel is hidden underneath the next panel which not only creates a smooth façade but also increases the siding’s durability as water cannot seep through nail heads and damage the wood. VINHA cladding has been topcoated and the final tone of the building can be decided after the installation.



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