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Why Environmentally Sustainable Wood Siding Matters

Choosing products for your home is more than just making a design decision. As consumers grow more aware of the importance of respecting the environment, they are looking for sustainable choices that are both functional and high-quality. When it comes to choosing prefinished wood siding, know that you can make a better, more eco-conscious choice when renovating or building your home. From house siding to board and batten siding, there’s no need to sacrifice style and quality when selecting products that respect the environment.

Wood is an excellent and popular material for creating beautiful surfaces and unique structures. Wood’s natural appearance supports many design styles such as a traditional, modern, or a timeless look. However, forests are a source of life and it is important to look after its well-being. How and where wood is harvested matters. When you source wood products like prefinished wood siding, make sure you find out specific details about forest certification and how the supplier contributes to supporting and preserving our environment.

Siparila‘s Commitment To Sustainability

Before products are made available to consumers, there are many elements that go into its creation. Siparila chooses to offer prefinished wood siding and board and batten siding that optimizes natural resources and supports the environment.

Here are some of the ways our products support environmentally sustainable practices:

  • All of the wood used by Siparila is PEFC certified, which means that it is sustainably harvested, with regard for biodiversity. PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification) is an international forest organization dedicated to keeping forests in good condition. Approximately 100 million cubic metres of new wood grows in Finland’s forests each year, which means there is a reliable supply of Finnish raw material. We use this wood to produce our sustainable wood siding.
  • Siparila is always working on new surface treatment methods that make our wood products last for a long period of time, even in outdoor conditions. This means that consumers can rely on the longevity of their Siparila house siding, which reduces the demand for harvesting new wood.

The quality of our wood products is also carefully monitored to ensure that it complies with the criteria set for solid wood products in the European Union. All of Siparila’s wood products have the CE label, and contain no chemicals that are hazardous for humans or nature.

Choose Prefinished Wood Siding That Supports And Values The Environment 

It’s important to look into the values and practices of companies that you’re considering when looking to purchase new house siding. Siparila is committed to sustainable practices and materials, which means you can feel good about your positive environmental impact when choosing one of our siding products. In addition to our commitment to sustainability, choosing Siparila means that you’ll be getting a durable, high-quality surface that will add value to your home. Whether you are looking for siding for a residential or commercial project, contact us to learn more about our products and how they can help you achieve an exceptional looking space.

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